Which Pillow is Best for Toddlers?


There’s a lot of great toddler pillows on the market, but you’ll want to find one that’s safe and comfortable for your little one. I’ve picked my top 3 toddler pillows and listed them in a little comparison table here. To be honest, any of these pillows will be an excellent choice, but my absolute favorite is the dreamtown pillow, simply because it’s recommended by chiropractors and I personally sleep safer knowing my little girl’s spinal health is in good hands.

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Why Are Toddler Pillows so Important?

It may sound dramatic, but toddler pillows also known as infant pillows are important, they are where your toddler will spend half of their life. It’s an incredible and easy to forget fact that sleeping in our bed is where we spend 50% of our time. And for good reason too, as you probably know a good sleeping pattern is vital for our health and well being. Sleep is even more important for toddlers and growing infants, as you know at that short and precious stage of life, a healthy diet and good night’s sleep are both essential for aiding the best possible development.

Firstly, you may be asking the most obvious question. Why shouldn’t you just give your toddler a normal adult pillow? Why do they need special infant pillows?

Well as an infant isn’t fully grown and doesn’t have the same proportions as an adult, an adult pillow isn’t acceptable. A toddler body pillow for example will provide the required support for an infant’s head and neck. Where’s a regular adult pillow will put avoidable strain on the head and neck and in the long term this can lead to discomfort, pain and worse of all, bad posture.

A Toddler body pillow on the other hand is created to support your child’s proportions, providing them with the correct support and comfort for a sound night’s sleep.

Do You Need a Hypoallergenic Toddler Pillow?

As a mother I know how difficult it can be when shopping for pillows for kids, there are just so many options available to you. What is the best toddler pillow? Should you go for a hypoallergenic toddler pillow? The list can seem endless, but it’s easier than you think.

Firstly, you should ask the first fundamental question when shopping for kids pillows, does my child have any allergies?

By now you should already know if you’re infant has any allergies, if you are well aware of your childs allergies then a hypoallergenic toddler pillow is the best option for you and your family. Additionally a toddler pillow case that doesn’t trigger your toddlers allergies is also an important thing to consider. For example if your child is allergic to wool, it goes without saying that you should avoid wool.

My Opinion on Childrens Pillows

kids pillows

In my opinion another important factor when selecting the best pillows for toddlers is finding the ones which last as at that age toddlers can become attached so easily and it’s difficult for them to comprehend anything being taken away from them, especially something they spend so much time with. On the plus side the right pillow can provide your toddler with comfort, warmth, security and temporary attachment, which believe it or not can be an advantage when you want them to have a good night’s sleep. And don’t worry, attachment is healthy and a process everybody learns to address during development into a healthy well-balanced adult.

Not only that though but the best pillows for toddlers are the ones that have been tested and are deemed safe. As a mother the safety of your toddler is of paramount importance and with the ever growing popular importing from China, safety concerns continue to grow. That’s why just like every children’s product out there childrens pillows are just as important when it comes to exercising caution.

That’s why it’s crucial to shop with a trusted vendor and not use some shady or un heard of website when shopping for your childrens pillows as well as your toddler pillow case, and even more so when it comes to a hypoallergenic toddler pillow, as the testing on these types of kids pillows can be rigorous and for good reason.

The Big Infant Pillows Debate

What Next? Well next is another big debate over kids pillows…should you go for firm or soft childrens pillows?

In order to make this decision you need to think about both support and comfort. It’s important for you to know by testing or otherwise that when pressing down onto the kids pillows that it regains its shape in a few seconds, otherwise it may be a suffocation risk.

Best Pillow-Cover materials?

Most toddler pillows are typically made of cotton. However remember that when selecting a pillow, cotton can be either organic or regular. An organic toddler pillow is free of potentially harmful toxins and dyes which are often added into the cotton manufacturing process. Obviously you don’t want your toddler sleeping and taking in these toxic materials as they sleep. An organic toddler pillow will be marked as such, if there is no such mark, then it is wise to assume that it isn’t an organic toddler pillow.

Best Kids Pillows Filling?

Inside the pillow, beneath the cover is the filling material. This is the material inside the kids pillow that provides your toddler with support and comfort. There are various different materials used to fill kids pillows, these include Down, Feathers, Synthetic fill, Foam or memory foam.

Be careful to check that when choosing a pillow the fill doesn’t create too much noise as it is moved. Try to avoid materials such as buckwheat and synthetic fills which can be quite noisy, especially with your toddlers head moving around on the top of it. This could possibly wake them up, not a good thing for any tired parent.

Infant Pillows Washing Instructions

Be sure to check the washing instructions when shopping for the best pillows for toddlers. As we all know children can be messy, so it’s important you can wash your toddler bed pillow with ease and repeatedly.

Toddler pillows can be either:

Machine washable: With these you just put your childrens pillows in your washing machine.

Pillow case: The child pillow will come with a removable toddler pillow case. This usually mean that the cover is machine washable and the pillow generally isn’t.

So What Is The Best Toddler Pillow?

In conclusion of my guide to choosing the best pillow for toddler, the best kids pillow you could choose when shopping is one that you have assessed from all angles. Firstly make sure you always buy your kids pillows from reputable suppliers, that is probably the most important point I could make, for example only buy from well moderated marketplaces such as Amazon. Additionally when comparing infant pillows ensure you always test they have a good balance between comfort and support, and remember the benefits of an organic toddler pillow.

Lastly make sure you buy childrens pillows that are made from an appropriate filling material and have washing instructions you deem appropriate.

I hope this guide helps you along on your toddler bed pillow journey and remember as long as you use the analyses above you should be fine.