The Best Pillow for Neck Pain

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Neck pain can arise from a whole host of different causes such as a chronic degenerative disorder, injury, depression, anxiety or the result of a repetitive strain injury caused by excessive activity. A truly useful way to treat your neck pain is with the use of a cleverly designed neck pillow, with the right pillow, not only can you prevent further injury to your neck during sleep, but you can provide support and comfort to help alleviate the symptoms of a painful neck.

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The primary way to treat your neck pain is of course to seek medical expertise, I don’t think anyone would deny that.

However a pillow for neck pain is a common and useful way to alleviate your symptoms and provide the much needed support for both your neck and head. Although a neck pillow is by no means a cure for neck pain, the usefulness of one should not be dis-valued. A good neck pillow not only provides additional support to your neck, but it can provide comfort, aid your recovery and support a good night’s sleep.

Whatever the cause of your neck pain, and whether it is mild or severe, it needs proper treatment. A neck pillow ought to be part of anyone’s treatment plan. There are a variety of neck pillows available, so it’s essential you know about the differences between them and ultimately which is more suited to your needs.

Pillow Reviews: Which Pillows Are Best for Neck Pain

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The most common varieties of neck pillows include chiropractic pillow, orthopaedic pillow, neck support pillow, neck traction pillow and memory foam pillow. Each type of neck pillow has differences and these differences can be helpful depending on your situation. Below is a guide to best types of pillows for neck pain:

The Chiropractic Pillow

The Chiropractic Pillow is composed of two materials, one which is memory foam and the other being soft fiber. Both of these materials have different qualities and important roles in helping your neck pain. The memory foam continuously adapts to your head and necks contours, providing you with ample support and comfort.

The soft fiber is found within the centre of the pillow and provides you with a stable base providing extra support needed for people suffering with problem necks. The soft fiber achieves this by providing your head with some traction, meaning your head is stabilized, and as you probably know with less movement there’s less pain as movement is often a big trigger for neck pain sufferers.

The Chiropractic Pillow has a great design and is ideally suited for people with neck issues. It provides your neck with much needed support, allowing it to recover and rest. After all your neck’s purpose is to be a stable, strong and flexible support for your head with its complex assortment of bone, muscles and ligaments.

During sleep the neck can easily become twisted and unnecessary strain can occur. This is bad news for people with already painful necks, that’s why this pillow is so good for preventing as well as supporting painful necks.

The Orthopaedic Pillow

The Orthopaedic Pillow is another pillow designed primarily for people suffering with neck pain. Just like the Chiropractic Pillow it works by providing your neck with additional support to ensure no nasty surprises when you wake up. The big difference with these kinds of pillows is that they are more suited to people who sleep on their sides (side sleepers). This is because they are designed with a groove area that neatly sits between your head and shoulders, reducing the risk of further injury and reducing the amount of pressure on your neck.

Orthopaedic Pillows are made from memory and therapeutic forms. Although there are many varieties of Orthopaedic Pillows, the major and most popular type are the ones with the neck roll positioned on the edge of the lower part of the pillow.

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Neck Support Pillow

A neck support pillow is all about correcting the natural curvature of your spine which can be taken out of correct alignment by repetitive activities, bad posture and straining. This can not only make neck pain worse but can actually be a cause of neck problems.

A neck pillow is not designed for sleeping. Using it during sleep can potentially cause further problems. This type of pillow should only be used for short bursts, once or twice daily to help align your spine and correct bad posture.

Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillows have grown in popularity in the last 10 years and not without good reason. As the name suggests, the memory foam adapts to the contours of your head and neck, therefore it arches at the neck and cups the head providing ample support.

This type of pillow is great for people with neck pain but make sure you know what filling has been used. The cheaper memory foam pillows tend to use a combination of sand and foam, while the more expensive types will use just memory foam. Therefore when shopping for memory foam pillows, buying cheap isn’t always the best idea.

Neck Traction Pillow

The neck traction pillows are U shaped, small, portable pillows that you can inflate and deflate. The U shape wraps neatly around your neck providing support for painful and achy neck. These types of pillows are more suitable for travelling and are common place on aeroplanes due to their compact feature.

Final Words

If you suffer from neck pain, an aching neck or otherwise think your neck could benefit from some additional support then a neck pillow might be the best option for you. It’s important to remember that not all neck pillows are made equal, some are more suited for certain sleeping positions such as the orthopaedic pillow which is more appropriate for side sleepers, while some are ideal for travelling.

The truth is that with a good neck pillow, your painful symptoms can be alleviated both during the day and while sleeping. Your posture and alignment of your spine can also be managed with a neck pillow, so there are multiple benefits. Purchasing a neck pillow is a wise investment.