Snoring: Will a Mouth Piece Help Me


Snoring can be a nuisance to not only yourself but also your loved ones. In fact it’s been known to impact some relationships so negatively that people become extremely frantic to find a solution to their snoring that they become willing to try absolutely anything.

In extreme cases people have been known to not only be willing to part with their hard earned money for fake cures but actually other dangerous quick fixes.

In order to find a legitimate solution for your snoring problem, it’s wise to actually know what causes snoring in the first place. We all know the familiar sound of snoring, it’s that dreadful snorting sound occurring when breathing during sleep. Sometimes this can last all night and interchange between different sounds, but whatever the rhythm of your snoring may be, one thing remains true…

We all want to get rid of our snoring, so that we can all sleep peacefully.

What Causes Snoring?

The sound of snoring is a result of the soft palate and tissue in the mouth, nose or throat vibrating. The varieties of snoring sounds between people can be diverse, from a small, infrequent snore to a loud and constant snort. For this reason health care professionals usually use a grading system to grade your snoring from mild to severe.

When you sleep your airways relax, resulting in subtle changes in pressure resulting in the various tissues throughout your airways vibrating as you breathe. Additionally snoring can be made worse as a result of excess weight, drinking alcohol excessively, and smoking.

How Can You Cure Your Snoring?

Usually snoring can’t be cured completely, however it can almost always be improved. The first thing you should think about are lifestyle changes such as losing any extra weight you may be carrying, cutting down on alcohol consumption and quitting smoking.

After you have considered making various lifestyle improvements, it’s time for you to consider some of the most common and helpful solutions to snoring. These include nasal strips and mouthpieces.

Nasal Strips for Snoring

Nasal strips are typically used by individuals whose snoring begins in their nose, however if you don’t know the origin of your snoring problem, it may be worth to give them a go and see if you notice any changes.

Nasal strips work by opening up your nasal passages so that air can move through your nose at a slower pace, this reduces vibration in these tissues which causes the sound of snoring. However if your snoring is caused by vibration of your soft palate, a mouth piece is the solution to your snoring.

Will a Mouth Piece Help Your Snoring?

A mouthpiece offers a great solution for many people suffering with snoring. As mentioned a mouthpiece is mainly designed for individuals whose snoring originates in their soft palate and mouth area, as opposed to their nasal passages.

A mouthpiece works by limiting the movement of your tongue, jaw and soft palate. In addition it actually acts as a “shock absorber” absorbing the vibration which would otherwise cause a lot of noise resulting in the loud and distracting snorting and snoring.

Final Words

Snoring affects millions of people every day, but there are real solutions to cure or improve it. Nasal strips and mouthpieces have been used by many people and aren’t just another novelty quick fix.