Sleeping Positions: Back vs Side vs Stomach – Which is Best


Your sleeping position is not only crucial to getting the best night’s sleep, but to your overall health. The truth is the way in which you sleep at night can have a major impact on your head, neck and back as well as many other health factors such as your blood pressure and circulation.

Different sleeping positions aren’t equal, some are regarded as most ideal by experts while others are viewed as entirely negative. There are a variety of reasons for this, but you will soon understand the basic principles.

The most common sleeping positions are sleeping on the back, the side and the stomach. Each one of these sleeping styles has different effects on your body, but what and which one of these sleeping positions is the best for your health and wellbeing?

Sleeping on Your Back

Sleeping on your back as the name suggests is when you adopt a back sleeping position. This sleeping position isn’t the worst, but it certainly is not the best. Without the required support e.g. a pillow designed to support the head and neck during sleep, back sleepers head and neck can soon start to suffer. This can result in aches, pains and a bad posture.

Having covered the negative aspects of back sleeping, there are many positives too. Sleeping on your back is thought to be the most relaxing sleeping position to have as it’s the most neutral. This is because when you’re on your back, all of your weight will be evenly distributed and as a result not just one part of your body is being strained.

However as mentioned, sleeping on your back can lead to strain on your spine as in this position there is a tendency for it to become dis-aligned and twisted which has obvious physical effects including aches and pains, and bad posture.

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Sleeping on your stomach is perhaps the worst sleeping position to adopt out of the three. This is because sleeping on your stomach can be extremely bad for your head, neck and spine. This sleeping position can result in aches, pains and over the long term, bad posture.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, sleeping on your stomach does have some benefits. For example sleeping on your stomach can actually reduce snoring and diminish sleep apnea.

If you’re concerned you’re a stomach sleeper who won’t be able to break to habit of a lifetime, there’s no need to be too worried. With the correct support potential problems arising from stomach sleeping can be avoided. There are a variety of pillows designed just for stomach sleepers; these help remove unnecessary pressure from your spine and prevent potential health problems as a result.

Sleeping on Your Side

If you’re a side sleeper, then it’s good news. Sleeping on your side is the best sleeping position out of the three and the most ideal to you and your long term health.

The great news is that medical professionals recommend sleeping on your side as it can aid things like your circulation which has a massive role in general health and wellbeing. Additionally sleeping on your side can help other health issues such as acid reflux and heartburn; it can alleviate these issues by positioning you in such a way that these don’t produce symptoms.

Final Words

So there you have it the fight between the sleeping positions is over and the winner is the side sleeping position. But don’t worry, if you’re a stomach or back sleeper there are ways to prevent the health issues associated with these sleeping style. Simple select pillows designed for you and your position and you will receive the best support and comfort for an amazing night’s sleep.