Sleep better ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow Review


Do you have any problems getting to sleep at night? Do you have a problem keeping cool in your bed? Or do you find keeping warm to be the issue? If this is a problem you face then this new memory foam pillow innovation is practically made just for you.

The Sleep better ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is next level in terms of pillow technology and having now adopted it as part of my sleeping regime, I can say that I am a complete convert to its magic. What makes this pillow so different from others on the market is its ability to sense your body temperature and adjust its own temperature accordingly, helping to maintain a pleasant temperature throughout the night.

ISO-Cool Technology:

The Microscopic Phase Change Material (PCM)

The pillows ability to change its own temperature is thanks to a new innovation called microscopic Phase Change Material (PCM), this material literally helps regulate the temperature of your body throughout the night. This material achieves this by storing heat when the temperature gets too great, or releasing it from the tiny micro compartments when the temperature becomes too cool, thus providing you with a heating or cooling effect when it’s most needed.

Memory Foam

As well as the microscopic Phase Change Material, the pillow is also a memory foam pillow meaning it provides you with the best possible comfort and support than any other kind of material on the market. By now you’ve probably heard about the modern innovation called memory foam, but if you haven’t unlike the older more traditional materials such as feathers, memory foam is a much more sophisticated material.

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Memory foam literally adjusts to the contours and proportions of your head and neck and maintains support and comfort throughout the night. You might not think it’s important, but in comparison to more traditional pillows which provide little head and neck support, memory foam pillows outperform them ten-fold.

Just think about this for a second. Throughout the day your head and neck are supported by you and your body, however during sleep and lying on your bed you head and neck are supported by your pillow. That’s why investing in a good pillow is so important, a good pillow can prevent bad posture from occurring, as well as other aches and pains caused by unnecessary strain on your head and neck due to little support from the pillow you might be currently using.

You spend a considerable portion of your life sleeping and a good night’s sleep is crucial for good health. That’s why in my opinion, a pillow is a crucial long term investment for both my health and wellbeing.

Other Advantages of the Sleep better ISO-Cool Pillow:

Removable Cover for maximum protection: The pillow comes with a removable outer cover meaning that it’s incredibly easy to maintain. Any spillages or other marks are kept away from the actual pillow and can be quickly and easily cleaned in the wash. I find this to be a huge bonus, a considerable number of pillows available don’t come with protective pillow cases. And let me just remind you, that I’m not talking about a basic pillow case that allows any spillages to seep through, this is actually protective. The cover is also a 300 thread count cover, made of 100% cotton for maximum protection, durability and comfort.

Perfect for side sleepers: If like me you always consider your sleeping position, then this is perfect for you. Being a side sleeper you want maximum support during the night and traditional materials tend to sink after a short while, however this pillow doesn’t. This ensures your head and neck is supported throughout the night, so you don’t wake up with any nasty aches and pains or develop bad posture.

Two inch gusset: This is another nice advantage and one probably taken for granted by many people. A two inch gusset means two inches of extra comfort, I can assure you that once you try out this pillow you’ll know exactly what I mean. Going back to any other pillow will be unbearable.

Heat control: As previously mentioned, this pillow comes with the ISO-Cool technology, meaning the pillow won’t over heat during the night. Before using this pillow I found most nights that I was tossing and turning and opening the window to try and keep myself cool. This pillows definitely helps with maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature.

15 Year Warranty: The warranty on this pillow is fantastic, let’s be honest 15 years is a long time, so I was thrilled I would have long term protection if anything was to go wrong in the near or far future.

Disadvantages of the Pillow:

As is usual with new pillows, when I first opened it, it had a very strong and chemical smell. Of course this is nothing I was overly surprised about, since this is common with most new products. However the smell did fade quite quickly, so this is nothing to be concerned about.

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Final Words

The Sleep better ISO-Cool Memory Foam Pillow is a great choice for almost anybody looking for a pillow offering the latest innovation in comfort and temperature control. For this reason as well as the design it is a particularly good pillow for side sleepers and individuals wanting to invest in a pillow that offers maximum support and comfort.