Picking the Right Feather Pillow

man sleeping with soccer ball on pillow
pick the right feather pillow

Maintaining a good sleeping regime is essential for your health. A major part of ensuring you maintain healthy amount of sleep is making sure you have a good quality pillow, allowing you to rest your head with maximum comfort and support. Feather pillows are a very traditional style of pillow and a great option if you’re seeking an excellent night’ sleep.

As the name suggests feather pillows are pillows with a filling composed of bird feathers, well primarily feathers anyway. To the average person all feather pillows may seem equal, but take it from a self-styled pillow connoisseur they are not.

The reality is that there are numerous types of feather pillows available on the market, and each varying in quality and as a result price. Feather pillows can be stuffed with a variation of materials, such as just feathers, downs or a mixture of the two. Down has a similar feel and look as feathers but it is different, it is the insulation material found under the feathers of birds which helps to keep them warm.

Feathers and Down

Down is an incredibly soft material, providing maximum comfort as a pillow filling, whereas the bird’s feathers are actually a little bit harsher as they include the tough and sometimes jiggered quills. As a result the better quality and higher priced pillows contain mostly down and downs feathers. The good thing about investing in a more pure pillow is that they’re sure to a long term investment as they generally last several years and tend to maintain their shape for a long time. Usually most manufacturers of the higher end pillows provide a long warranty too, so you will have greater peace of mind if something does go wrong with your pillow.

The Fill Power

A key measurement for feather pillows is called their fill power. Fill power is defined as the amount of space that an ounce of the down will fill in cubic inches. The greater the fill power the more down it contains from an older bird, and since down from older birds is larger than younger ones it means the pillow is more resilient to time and more comfortable. They will be more expensive, but will last longer.

Fabric Choice

When choosing the perfect feather pillow it is important to consider the outer fabric as well as the filling material. This is important to consider since it as an impact on the overall feel of the pillow and ultimately that is where you will rest your head when sleeping.

Thread count is an important consideration, especially when choosing a feather pillow. The thread count is an indication of how tightly stitched the fabric is, so a higher thread count means a tighter fabric. You want to choose a quite high thread count when selecting a feather pillow since the quills can be quite tough and pointed, you don’t want these jagged edges to poke through the fabric causing scratches.

Final Words

When choosing and comparing between different feather pillows it’s important to think about a range of different factors including the fill power, the fabric, thread count and the firmness of the pillow. Obviously the more expensive varieties are better quality, however you can get a pretty high quality feather pillow at a reasonable price. But remember your pillow will be with you for some time, so I think it’s always better to spend a little more for better comfort and support and ultimately a better night’ sleep.