Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow Review

beyond down gel fiber pillow

Sleeping on your side has many health benefits, but the truth is that without the necessary head and neck support it does have its drawbacks. Although having said that, you’ll be happy to know that side sleeping is considered one of the best sleeping positions to adopt.

This is because sleeping on your side has been shown to improve your circulation which in turn has many long term health benefits. Additionally there are other positives of adopting such a sleeping position including helping to alleviate symptoms caused by acid reflux and heartburn.

Another major benefit of sleeping on your side is to straighten up your spine and elongate it, ideal for those suffering from back pain, or those who just want to maintain a healthy posture.

On the other hand, being a side sleeper does come with certain pitfalls, all that tossing and turning throughout the night, and waking up with an aching neck due to a sunken unsupportive pillow can take its toll on both your head and neck. But it doesn’t have to be so bad, as there’s a simple solution to this small issue. With the correct pillow you can avoid all these issues and sleep far easier; as well as reduce the risk of waking up with a painful, aching neck and developing poor posture.

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The Ultimate Pillow for Side Sleepers

The Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow is one such pillow designed especially for people who sleep on their side and want to avoid the potential negatives that accompany it. This pillow achieves this goal by providing the best possible neck and head support available, and this is all thanks to its synthetic down and wide gusset filling.

This unique and innovative pillow features an ergonomic design perfect for side sleepers who don’t get enough support from traditional pillows, especially in that crucial neck region. It provides a high standard of support to the head and neck without being too firm, in fact it is far more comfortable than it appears to be in photographs. The added firmness and high ergonomic design ensures that the pillow maintains support throughout the night, unlike traditional pillows which require constant adjustment, resulting in the tossing and turning, or worse a neck ache in the morning.

As well as providing amazing support and comfort during sleep, the Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow stands out among other pillows for many other reasons. For example unlike traditional pillows this will not lose its shape during sleep, providing a comfortable sleep from beginning to end. The quality of this pillow is very clear when next to the more traditional pillow varieties. Additionally, the side sleeper pillow comes with a fantastic warranty period of 5 years, therefore if something was to happen to the pillow within the next 5 years, you can replace it.

Other Features of The Pillow Include:

  • A hypoallergenic and machine washable design
  • An ultra-luxurious micro denier gel fiber filling material
  • A 100% Cotton structure
  • Double needle corded edges for extra durability
  • A 300TC 100% cotton cover for maximum protection and comfort

Disadvantages of the Pillow

Like most new products, when first opened there is a very strong smell that I associate with manufacturing. It’s not the most appealing odour to be greeted with, but thankfully it quite quickly vanished after a few days.

Final Words

The Beyond Down Gel Fiber Side Sleeper Pillow is a fantastic choice for both side sleepers and others looking for a pillow offering the maximum support and comfort.

During sleep support to the head and neck is essential in order to prevent unnecessary strain on the head and neck, which if not addressed can lead to long term impacts on your health and wellbeing.