Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

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Being a stomach sleeper isn’t the best way to sleep for your back and neck, however, choosing the right pillow will make sure you get the best possible sleep regardless of your sleeping position.

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A good sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body, but the truth is that many people, including myself, take sleep for granted. It’s a very natural part of life and our everyday routine, so bad sleeping habits are very often disregarded, yet the truth is the way you sleep and precisely how you sleep can have a massive impact on your overall wellbeing.

If you happen to be a person who sleeps on their stomach like me, you’ll know just how irritating it can be to wake up with aches and pains. Often the reason for not achieving an optimum sleep is due to the type of pillow you use, for example your sleeping position may require a particular pillow.

Don’t get me wrong, you can use any pillow you want, but by using the incorrect pillow for your sleeping style you are putting your health and wellbeing at risk. Using the wrong pillow can impact the alignment of your spine, lead to bad posture and even neck pain, cramps and other such issues.

Sleeping on your stomach – this sleeping position is not ideal, however t’s difficult to break the habit of a life time. I’ve slept on my stomach since I can remember and no matter how much I try to change my sleeping position my body just naturally reverts back to the stomach position.

It’s not all bad news though, as sleeping on your stomach can actually reduce snoring and diminish sleep apnea. However it can be quite demanding on your back and neck, resulting in aches and pains and bad posture. It’s especially unwise to sleep on your stomach when pregnant, for obvious reasons.

Why is Sleeping on Your Stomach an Issue?

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At some point in their life, the majority of individuals who sleep on their stomachs will encounter some type of back or neck pain, or both. In the long term this is bad news for your back, unfortunately.

As made clear by the Mayo Clinic sleeping on your stomach is not good for your spine and neck as it places an unnecessary strain on them. The reason for this is because the mid-section of your body is where most of your weight is distributed and for this reason, if you sleep on your stomach the natural curve of your spine is compromised.

Worse still is the fact that unnecessary pressure on your spine is not just bad for you back and neck, but as your spine is the home to your nervous system too much stress can lead to pain and discomfort anywhere in your body.

Another big problem caused by sleeping on your stomach is the added strain to your neck. Since we all need to breathe, even when sleeping in this position can result in you twisting your neck into awkward and troublesome positions as you sleep. This results in a twisted neck and spine meaning you are even more likely to suffer from aches and pains throughout the day.

Another danger from this sleeping position, albeit a rare occurrence due to sleep alone is a herniated disk. This results when one of the spinal vertebrae has moved so far that a gelatinous disk ruptures from the inside, this can be an extremely painful injury and one often requiring surgery to fix.

Moms To Be

When you are carrying a baby it’s crucial that both of you get adequate rest in order for the pregnancy to go as smooth as possible. Even the thought of sleeping on your stomach in late pregnancy sounds ludicrous, yet it’s actually important that you avoid doing so as early as possible. This is because the additional weight in your mid-section will lead to additional weight and strain on your spine.

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The Pillow Solution for Stomach Sleepers

There is some good news though, there are pillows designed just for stomach sleepers which cannot ensure a more comfortable night’s sleep, but can also prevent some of the problems that can arise from sleeping in this position.

Types of Pillows

There are a variety of pillows out there for stomach sleepers. They aim of many of these pillows is to take the unnecessary pressure away from your spine and avoid possible issues which may arise as a result.

Foam Pillow – The foam pillow is ideal for stomach sleepers and for this reason is the most heavily promoted pillow for individuals who sleep in this position. The good news is that’s it’s a very cheap option, it’s comfortable and very easy to maintain.

Foam is a dense and adaptable material, so it provides the much needed head and neck support for stomach sleepers. One negative point of this cheap option is their short use life, they tend to lose a lot of their shape over time, so it might not be the best option if you want a long term investment.

Memory Foam – Always a favourite option, and although memory foam is a more expensive option, it’s definitely a long term and satisfying investment. It easily moulds around your unique contours and maintains its supportive shape, this helps to support and position your head and neck for a comfortable and much healthier sleeping regime.

Latex Pillow – these are another modern innovation, so as you might have guessed already are more expensive than conventional pillow materials. These provide a very firm and supportive sleeping experience providing the additional support required if you’re a stomach sleeper, a bonus of latex is that it is both mould and dust mite resistant, so you can be confident knowing no nasty’s lurk in your domain.

Wool Pillows – The traditional types of wool and cotton pillows are not the best option, over time these fast lose their shape and firmness providing little to no support or comfort. These are a cheap option, but by no means a wise investment for you or your back.

Final Words

The best pillow for stomach sleeping is truly a decision only you can make. However when selecting your pillow ensure you take into account the durability of the material, its comfort and firmness ratings and your own personal preferences.

Whatever pillow you choose, ensure it’s one that provides adequate support for your head and neck and you are sure to secure a healthier and far more comfortable sleeping regime.