Best Luxury Pillows Reviewed

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Welcome to PillowFocus, a site dedicated to helping you get the best night’s sleep of your life, whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, any other type of sleeper, or an expectant mother to be.

I have tried and tested some of the most luxurious pillows money can buy and shared the results with you to help you choose your perfect pillow.

Pregnancy Pillows

One of the most important types of pillows is the pregnancy pillow for mothers to be. During pregnancy your sleeping requirements change drastically and it’s vital that you choose a maternity pillow that’ll give you the support you and your baby need.You’ll find reviews of both full body pregnancy pillows and the smaller more portable wedge pillows over at our best pregnancy pillows page.For the mothers who’s little one is a little bit older, you can find out which pillow is best for your toddler.

One of the top maternity pillow brands is Leachco, and we’ve got a page dedicated to reviewing their best offerings.

What’s Your Sleeping Position?

Your sleeping position determines what type of pillow you should choose. Back sleepers for example don’t want larger, firmer pillows that will push the head at an awkward angle. Those bigger firmer pillows are better for side sleepers who need the support in between the shoulder and cheek, along the neck.We’ve got individual best-buy guides for every type of sleeper. If you’re a side sleeper head over to our best pillow for side sleepers page, if you prefer to sleep on your back, then here’s the best pillows for back sleepers and finally if you’re a stomach sleeper, which I’m afraid is the least healthy sleeping position as it puts the most strain on your spine, then head on over to our stomach sleeper pillow review page

Choosing a Pillow for Health Reasons

Picking the right pillow can greatly help with neck and back problems. If you’ve got neck pain for example you’ll want a pillow that supports your neck without putting stress on your neck/spine by forcing it at an awkward angle.

If your problem is back pain then the first thing you should look into is your sleeping position. If you’re a stomach sleeper then that could very well be the cause of your back pain. At the very least sleeping on your stomach will worsen back pain, so if you’re a stomach sleeper then I highly recommend you try to switch sleeping positions to become either a side sleeper, or even better, a back sleeper.

I’ve done extensive research into which pillows are ideal for back pain, and neck pain by interviewing people who use a variety of pillows. You can discover my findings for the best pillow for neck pain, and the best pillow for back pain here on PillowFocus.

Sleeping & Parenting Advice

You’ll also find lots of sleeping and parenting advice over at my blog. What’s the best way to stop snoring, can meditation help you get a better sleep, and will yoga really help with insomnia. These questions and more have been answered at my blog.

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